Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ready for His Close-Up

Saturday was the big day. It was Morty's bar mitzvah... today, he would become a man (er... loaf of bread). It was a long day for both of us. We woke up bright and early, at about 5:30am, and were completely wiped and napping by 7pm. It was exciting, nerve racking, and ultimately very rewarding. Whew! Whatta day! Whatta bread! So, come on down to Del Boca Vista and gather 'round the slide projector. Sit back, relax, enjoy the show. Hit the lights, cue the music... (seriously, hit play on the video below and listen to the song as you scroll through the pictures. Do it!)

5:30am - Morty and Morty Jr., warming up for the big day.
Morty was bar mitzvahed and had a son on the same day. Morty is more of a man than I am!
6:30am - The tools of the trade. Morty now incorporated into a dough.
10:00am - After 3 hrs of rising in a bowl, the dough rests after being cut in twain.
11:00am - Shaped loaves rising, waiting for their turn in the oven.
3:00pm - The baker at work. Gotta score the top of the dough without
burning myself on the scalding hot cast iron dutch oven. Came away remarkably unscathed.
3:30pm - Loaf #1 nearly complete. Nervous baker looks on nervously.
3:50pm - Oh, Morty, you crusty sonofabitch! I knew you could do it! I'm so proud!
3:51pm - Thanks, Dad! I'm happy, too! I can't sop smiling!
3:52pm - "The song of bread." As the crust contracts, you can hear a delightful crackling sound...
 Morty's grandmother listens to her grandson's singing voice.
"That's nice, but maybe one day I'll have a real grandson?" Sigh.
4:05pm - The holes mean it worked! Seriously, I was thrilled it came out looking so well.
It really rose! I didn't even care much about the taste after this.
4:06pm - It tasted awesome!
5:00pm - Loaf #2. This picture makes me daydream about cracking that crust,
crawling in head first, and just camping out in there for a while.
6:30pm - Right there, in that hole, is where my living room would be.
6:00pm - Loaf #2 poses in front of his role model.
That's what I'm talking about.
Morty was delicious and will be coming back real soon, maybe in pizza form next time...
or a baguette... or a croissant... or all of the above!
Show's over, hit the lights.

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  1. Joel! this looks amazing! Jeff and I are both impressed and certainly expect a loaf if we ever make our way down there!
    Love your blog, it's so entertaining. well, back to sewing for me.