Friday, May 23, 2008

Last Two Weeks in Vegas

This is the Westward Ho, home of 5 cent coffee, 50 cent donuts, and $1 foot long hot dogs. It was one of my favorite spots on the Vegas strip until it got the wrecking ball treatment a couple years ago. We called it the "Ho".

I once bet my best friend Mitch $10 that he couldn't eat the hot dog (which was not only foot long, but an inch round and likely made of at least 85% rat by-product) and not throw up. He won the $10, but I think I got the best of it.. I really just wanted to make him eat the thing for my own amusement.

It has been almost exactly four years since I moved to Las Vegas. I have a had a lot of good times here with a lot of good friends, but in two weeks I am moving to New York City.. Eastward Ho!

I don't have a job in New York, but that didn't stop me when I moved to Vegas. I do have a cheap place to stay for two months.. Thanks to my cousin Ellie! And my cousin Sara also lives in the city.. that's two out of three first cousins.. not too shabby. And I do have at least two of my best friends already in the tri-state area, too.. Margaret and her daughter, Mia. I think it will be fun.

This blog will be a space for me to share my thoughts and experiences along the way. If you are reading it, you care about me at least a little.. Thank you. I'll try not to bore you.

This is the bagel shop nearest my future home...about two minutes walk. But the real question is, how far is Atlantic City from Queens? I'm still gonna have to get my poker fix now and then.

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