Sunday, June 8, 2008

Welcome to New York

After getting all the packing done, I was exhausted and actually able to sleep a little, despite being pretty nervous. I flew out without trouble at 8:30am. Just for good measure, I won $22 in slot machines at the airport before I left. I bought gum, a water, and a magazine and had about $2.58 profit left over.

Five hours later, I arrived at JFK, where they were nice enough to welcome me, seen here. They also didn't lose my bags, and got me in a cab pretty quickly. I appreciated that.

So, I am in New York. I write this post sitting directly in front of a fan in my room in Queens. It is HOT here. And it's a wet heat, too. But, it's good to be here.

Last night and today I stuck with Ellie and her boyfriend, Jeff (seen here). We had a pricey (and not too outstanding) sushi meal in Tribeca and then went to Ellie's surprise birthday party on Saturday night. The party was at a bowling alley in Manhattan.. who knew? Today, we saw Indiana Jones in a theater in Times Square. Movie was equally mediocre seen in Vegas or New York. The trip back to Queens took a while, as there was a fire on the N train tracks somewhere and we had to take an alternate subway route.

Tomorrow I strike out on my own and start exploring. We'll see...

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