Monday, September 22, 2008

Upstate, where even the little trees are big

Hello, it's been awhile.. I've been busy and doing well, I promise. Starting to finally get adjusted to commuting and all that, yada yada yada. All that is well and good, but what brings me to this blog today is to document our recent trip upstate. Me, Margaret, and Mia headed to Sackets Harbor, NY...that's 5 hours north on the shores of Lake Ontario.

First, let me explain the pictures.. near Sackets Harbor is Watertown, and Watertown happens to be where the tree shaped car fresheners are made. Not many people can say they have been to the Little Tree factory... we can. Do you think this building size one would actually last more than a week? The third picture is of our cabin on the lake.. the picture is small, the cabin was smaller, the shower was smallest. But it had comfortable beds, cable TV, and a nice view. The best view of all, though, was the two girls in the fourth picture (I know that's cheesy, but it was a good segue and it is the truth). Then there's me and Mia on our lake.. we were pretty sure there was a monster in there somewhere. Finally, there is a picture of the remains of what we all agreed was the best breakfast we have had in a long time. We actually ate really well the whole trip, but this breakfast at Friendly's Restaurant was stand-out delicious. We only went there cause Bob Evans had a 25 minute wait... thankfully. If there is a Friendly's near you, seek it out, trust us.

So, we had a great time and even though we only stayed one night, we managed to relax more than we had in a while. We got to break in our new jackets and I saw more stars in the sky than I think I ever have. Big Dipper, Little Dipper, you name it.. they were all up there. I had never really seen the rolling north-eastern farm land before.. very pretty. The cows and horses were grazing and the leaves were even starting to change. I think we're all looking forward to going up there again.

As for working life... It is Ad Week in New York and the museum is hosting a lot of seminars. I have been working early all week, catching the first train of the morning from South Orange at 5:15 am. Yuck. Oh well, overtime dollars. I promise I will get back on the blog posting wagon.. or is it off the wagon?

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