Saturday, August 9, 2008

No Sleep 'till Brooklyn

Today was a really good day. I got my new couch in the morning (a queen size sleeper for anyone who wants to visit West Orange) and took a trip to Brooklyn with Margaret and Mia in the afternoon. No amount of traffic would stop us from having a great time (this is easy for me to say, since Margaret did the driving, but I think she would agree). Even before either of us moved out here, we planned on going to the New York version of our favorite Vegas clothing store, the Buffalo Exchange.
After a few wrong turns and a GPS swap, we made it to the store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It was just OK. A little small and a little snooty vibe made it not as good as the other Buffaloes. Still, we can all say we've been there now and we have the picture to prove it. We found a few things there and worked up an appetite for lunch and our back-up shopping destination...Beacon's Closet. This store turned out to be much bigger and better... we found a few more things and then took a walk through a random summer block party/flea market type thing. The fire hydrants were open and good times were had.

This was all a great way for me to celebrate my first paycheck, which I got on Friday. Almost exactly two months after moving to New York I have officially started making an income... not bad. And taking a drive on a beautiful day with two of my favorite people was exactly what I wanted to do. On the way there we went over the Brooklyn Bridge and on the way back, Mia held her breath as we went underwater in the Holland Tunnel. At one point the traffic was so bad, I had time to jump out of the car and grab some drinks from a street cart... only in New York. Again, I wasn't driving, but time seemed to fly by and it was a fun day. I am going to sleep well.

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