Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Big News II

So, part two of the big news begins with moving day. Two weekends ago I started sleeping in New Jersey officially. A few days later all my stuff from Vegas arrived and I began the long, uphill march to being unpacked and semi-settled. Incidentally, the movers decided my first day of work would be an excellent time to deliver my stuff, on less than 12 hours notice no less! I couldn't see calling in sick on my first day, so I had to leave a key under the mat and trust the movers to do what they had to do with no supervision... ick. But, as you can see in the picture, everything seems to have made it here OK. Also, you can see my new couch and nifty new pop-up coffee table.

I like my place so far and after two weeks of work, I have a pretty solid handle on the commute. I have a first choice and a second choice train station, and have used each on random days. The first choice, South Orange Station, has a better selection of no-transfer-necessary trains to Manhattan and a lot of coffee and bagel joints right near the station in cute downtown South Orange. But, it also has basically no parking available in the morning. I am not the only one who likes it. I found the very last daily-pay parking spot on my first day of work.. and I had to be there at 7am to get it! Ladies and gentleman, my shift is 10am-6pm.. 7am is not gonna work for me.

Thus, my second choice has become my first choice lately.. This is the Mountain Station. It always has parking, is only about 5 minutes from my house, and even with a transfer it still only takes about 40 minutes to Penn Station. There is supposed to be a free shuttle bus to South Orange that stops right in front of my house, but this has been radically unreliable. I used it once to have my first completely car-free commute... but I actually kind of like having my destiny in my own hands. If I can park and ride, I will.

Someday soon I intend to document my entire commute for posterity. I will take pictures or video of every step of the process... from front door to train station to greeting the doorman at work. The newness of it all is making it fun for me so far. I am sorta like a real grown-up.. making my coffee, getting on the train, going to work, coming home tired. I feel like I should be wearing a trench coat and a fedora. It'll probably get old pretty quickly, but it's OK for now... I just need some good reading material for the trains.

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