Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ch. 1a - Working The Land

Now I have arrived in Columbus and for the last few days I have just been takin' her easy mostly. Unwinding and decompressing from all that pent up Jersey rage. On Labor Day, Mitch (who is my friend who lives here - he cuts up dead people for a living and just passed his final medical licensing test, woo!) and I went apple pickin'. The orchard was in Palookaville, or at least you couldn't prove otherwise to this city boy. I mostly ate, Mitch mostly picked, and together we stole one Pink Lady apple that was not supposed to be picked yet. Yep, we are bad dudes.
Then we stopped by the farmers' market on the way out, which was again quite the novelty to me. I pointed and took pictures of the natives and their quaint traditional ways. Mitch was *ahem* excited by the butternut squash. Excuse me while I whip this out!

The reddish apples were sweet, the greenish ones were perfect for pie.. So that is what we decided must be done. The next day, while Mitch was at work, I was a good wife and made a genuine from-scratch, homemade apple pie. I was particularly proud of the crust... deeelicious. Check it out:

Otherwise I am just hanging out, exploring the city, chillin' like a villain. This weekend is the famous Marion Popcorn Festival.. I am told corn is the thing to eat here (I assume in all its forms) and I am looking forward to it.

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  1. has anyone told you our friend jesse has never had apple pie? like never. i'm not sure how he calls himself american.