Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ch. 3a - Once Removed

Allow me to introduce, to those of you who haven't yet met them, my two newest cousins... First, once-removed. Doolin is 4, Brendan is 7. They are my Cousin Becky's (and her husband Chris') sons and they are the closest thing I have to nephews or nieces.. I am an only child and I have but three actual first cousins. Becky, Chris, and the kids live together in a beautiful (chaotic in a good way, vibrating with love and energy) house in Lafayette, CO, a few miles outside of Boulder. I had met Brendan and Dooly a couple of times since they were born, but this is the first time I got to spend any significant time with them and I loved every second! I hope they loved it too.. I think we all had a great time. We hit
the ground running, quite literally, as soon as I knocked on the door Wednesday evening... before I knew it we were running back and forth across the backyard, pausing only for wrestling and holding upside down by the ankles. They have seemingly endless energy. I, uh, do not. They wore me plum out! Somehow I was always "it" in our tag games.. I smell foul play. I slept well, though.

All told I was in CO for 7 days, splitting my time between my Cousins' house and my Aunt Lorrie's (Becky's mom) house in Denver. We did a lot and it was great to get to know them all so much better. More Denver area stories to come, but for now let me impart the wisdom I took away from the guys: Don't ever lose sight of your inner kid. Yes, it's been said a million times, but I was face to face to face with the intoxicating spirit of youth for a week and it was good to be reminded of just how freeing and invigorating it is to allow yourself to think like a kid. I was reminded to be unselfconscious, full of joy, and completely open to the world, as my cousins are.. to love and be loved freely, with as little filter as possible. I feel like the secret of life is in there somewhere.. damn kids figured it out! They are totally unencumbered in their minds... being too self-conscious is my least favorite trait about myself; they, on the other hand, are not weighed down by all that excess neuroticism. Imagine that! Sounds good doesn't it?

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