Sunday, July 6, 2008

The AC

So, on the Fourth of July weekend, I drove down to Atlantic City, as I had been threatening to do since I began this blog. It took about two and a half hours on the Garden State Parkway and I was there.. in the East Coast mecca of degenerate gamblers. I happily joined in, even though it's really just a third rate Vegas. Still, it was fun to get back to the poker tables.

It was not fun to pay for parking. Maybe if you're not from Vegas you don't understand my outrage... parking is always free in Vegas. Why put up any barriers between a gambler and your casino? On the other hand, they know $5 is probably not gonna stop a determined gambler from going to their casino, so why not charge? Still, I didn't appreciate the extra $20 or so that I had to spend.

I got myself a souvenir...

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  1. who the hell loves new jersey (aka, G-d's toilet)?