Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Big News

While I was on vacation in Florida I got an email on my Blackberry (still addicted) from the guy I had a job interview with the day before I left. He said he wanted to follow up with me on the phone, could he call at 3pm? I said sure. So, he called and offered me the job.. just like that, all-of-the-sudden, I found myself employed. I guess the dream had to end eventually.

But really, it is exciting to have something new to do everyday, and there is the small benefit of income... which is nice. The job is at the Paley Center for Media on 52nd St. in Manhattan. It is kinda a museum for TV and radio. I will be a "video technician". I have already worked a full week and so far my primary responsibility has been archiving old TV shows by putting them into the museum's computer system. So, I watch a lot of old TV.. I've seen everything from Martin and Lewis to The 1988 World Series (the one with the earthquake) to one of Elvis' first appearances on Ed Sullivan. So far, so good... I could think of worse jobs. This is a picture of my work station. Notice all the buttons I could press if I wanted to... impressive ain't it?

I am still ironing out the kinks in the whole commuting to work procedure.. but, I will detail this in the next installment of The Big News.

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