Saturday, July 26, 2008

National Lampoon's Vacation

Last week I met my parents in Florida for a family vacation. We flew into Orlando, drove to Daytona, then to Melbourne, then to West Palm Beach, then back to Orlando. My dad is not Chevy Chase and we did not go to Walley World (because that doesn't really exist... disappointing isn't it?), but we did have a pretty good time.

First, we spent a week one night in Daytona... at least that's how it felt. It looks nice in the picture, but who knew it was so rundown and rednecky? I guess the fact that their two biggest attractions are Nascar Week and Bike Week should have tipped us off. But still, it is DAYTONA BEACH... sounds like something to see, doesn't it? It isn't.

So, we moved on the next morning, driving south along the east coast through Melbourne and eventually settling in West Palm Beach. West Palm was way nicer than Daytona, of course... and it felt like everyone from Jersey came with me. Lots of old tri-staters down there. We also learned that the higher the shrubs in front of a house, the more expensive that house is. There were a lot of high shrubs.

After soaking in South Florida for three nights, we headed back to Orlando for the last two nights of our trip. No Walley World, but we did go to Epcot, our old favorite, and I did, sorta, kinda... run over my mother's foot with the car. You see, I thought she was in the car. I was wrong. I assure you this was not intentional.. and not too funny at the time. But she's OK, bruised but not broken, and it's funny now. She was up and walking around Epcot again that afternoon.And that about does it for Kodish Florida Family Vacation '08. Maybe there will be a sequel soon.

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  1. How could you not see that your mom was not in the car? Seems like a pretty clear line - in or out.

    It rained here today... And I don't recall it being in the forecast. So take time to remember spontaneous rain here in the valley.

    Also, we saw underneath elizabeth halverson's shirt today. Not good joel. Not good.